Doomd Privacy Policy

I don't collect any personally identifiable information from my site visitors. I do have Google Analytics installed so I can measure the traffic that comes to the site. I believe that Google can track your web history if you are signed into your Google account (and have given them permission), but I don't have access to any of that data except the details they give me about your geolocation and/or the search terms or referring links that landed you here. Currently, site visitors can't become site members, so site visitors, as far as I'm concerned, are mostly anonymous to me (except for the geolocation data Google provides, which can identify your general region of access, and when you visited). Eventually, if I do allow visitors to create accounts on this site, I won't ever share or sell any information that site guests provide the site in order to open an account (your email address, name, etc, will remain private and secure on this server only). Bottom line: theĀ purpose of any of the sites that I own and operate is basically to provide information, not collect it. I'm not a lawyer, andĀ I didn't copy and paste a Privacy Policy template that I wouldn't even read myself, so I probably didn't cover everything a Privacy Policy should if you have any questions, just contact me via Telegram: